Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What's been Happening.

Okay, to recap.

-My computer went tit's up.
I had been backing things up just in case, but not very often. I lost ALL of my A-project stuff since I'd been focusing on The Show of Job. I lost a little bit of that, ALL my scripts and ALL my sketches. THAT is what pisses me off the most... Oh also all my life-drawing.

-A web page.
If your reading this you probably got here from there. But just in case, it's over at:

-Re-write and read through of the first two scripts.
Based on random physical notes, rough audio tracks and what my sleep addled brain could remember I pieced together some REALLY rough drafts of the first two episodes. Then I got some cool cat's by the names of: Mike Fillion, Matt MacKenzie and Andrea Peters. To sit down with me and massage the crap out of them.

This read through accomplished two things: First, my dialogue is stilted and mechanical, I need to work on it. And second that Mike could do a darn good job of voicing Job. A task that I didn't quite feel up to myself.

-Audio record.
A few days after, we gathered around again this time with my new USB mike in tow, and managed to pound out the first episode's vocal tracks. It was a harrowing experience, silly me had booked the record for the same day that the new World of Warcraft patch was released. And all three of my actors are very very into the game.

We were supposed to do two episodes, but I suppose some people are more interested in gaining their +5 reaving cod-piece than becoming internationally re-known stars of the world wide web.

- I animate
and animate and animate... The first scene is done, It clocks in at around 45 seconds. The audio tracks are about 3 min 24 sec long. So I'm not at all worried about falling short of my totally arbitrary 5 minute mark.

-Sweet Jams.
James Hanson is the cat who's laying down the tracks for this project. He sent me the first draft of one of the theme's. It's quite re-assuring to get some feedback from that end. The music is the only part of thr project that I'm completely un-involved with.

James work on Evil josh and Billy over at KeenToons sold me on him. And it also serves to quiet my steadily poundign nerve's as augusts Black shadow slowly creeps forward.

Okay enough out of me for now, final word is that we're looking at two episodes FOR SURE on the DVD for the con. One done by the end of ths month and the other done... Before august I guess. I've ordered the DVD labels, and the printing for inserts has to happen in the next two weeks... OH SWEET LORD!