Thursday, July 27, 2006

Episode 2. Wrapping soon.

The light is there at the end of the tunnel for Episode 2. This weekend will see the end of Primary animation and hopefully the completion of effects and sound.

I realize now that I haven't really talked that much about the show itself, who the characters are and other stuff. I haven't got too much info like that, because this show is really just an experiment to see where the limitation lie and figuring out the process of producing a series like this. (FYI The limitaions are many, the process is epic.)

Anyway, here's what we've got scribbled on the back of the DVD cover, this about sums it up.

"It's a story as old as time. A young man just starting to make his way in the world- no ambition, no prospects and in no hurry to get any. Job is stuck in a dead end career that a half retarded monkey could perform. And he's happy as a clam about it.

Joining Job on his voyage of mediocrity is Mel; the crass, foul-mouthed tech guy and Rachel the bubbly, cute, oh-so-phony intern. Their lack of respect for the workplace is matched only by their poorly camouflaged disdain for one another.

So join us wont you? On a journey into the center of unimpressiveness as we view people just like you - lying cheating and scraping their way through the life of a button down slave wage, just to make it to another $2.00 margarita night.

This is the Show of Job...
...And these are terrible people."

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Work continues at a pretty good pace.
With regular type work started up again the amount of free time that can be devoted to the project clocks in around 9 hours a day. So basically ALL free time goes into the animation of Webisode 2.

On the plus side, episode 2 is ramping up to be pretty damn funny.

Got a couple of good idea's for future episodes kicking around. The writing team is going to have to have a tet a tet sometime soon. (Soon after the convention I suppose.)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Work on episode two is well under way. This weekend will be a busy one for all of us here at Upon Animation intl, ltd, worldwide.

Scene 1 is almost complete. Thanks to the brave directorial decision to remove all the talking. A glance to your right will give you a hint as to why.

In other news, the role of musical director will NOT be played by James Hanson of "Evil Josh and Billy" fame. But rather by Darren Bird, of "Captain Placeholder" fame. The change in staff comes a little late in the game for my liking. Unfortunately Mr. Hanson and the Studio had conflicting schedule's. Mr. Bird (Or Birdman as he shall henceforth be called.) is a multi-talented musician who will doubtless bring honor to the production and himself. (If he knows what's good for him.)

Andrea received all the printed material from the uh... Printers today. It looks great, DVD cover slips inserts and the whole she-bang. And a very nice 2x 2.5 foot poster to hang on the back curtain at Wizard world Chicago.

Anyway, enough loafing... Back at it.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Episode one is DONE sort of.

Okay, all animation is done on episode one of the web-series. A couple of day's later than I thought, If I was to offer an excuse it'd be that both Andrea and myself began full time work back at Mercury.

Episode two is underway. I have two or three secondary characters to design, and a couple of BG's. But most of the design work was done for episode one along with bit's and pieces of re-use animation. (Thank you digital medium.)

The deadline is going to be tight tight tight, but it'll get done for the simple reason that it HAS to get done.

Andrea finished the cover, label and insert for the DVD. As well as three business cards for each of us, They look quite keen.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tick tick tick...

So very, very close to being able to wrap episode 1.

Animation for the last part is about begin, when that's finished it'll be time to slot in the music.
unfortunately I'm still waiting for word on the music. If worse comes to worse I'll tap someone I know to throw in some sweet slow acoustic jams.

This leaves less than a month to start and finish the second episode, Close... But not impossible. It'll be nice to take a little time on the other episodes. (We have until November for the web premier.)

In other news ToonBoom is helping to host an animation compition that Upon Animation will be taking part in, check it out here: