Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Whoa, almost a month since the last post eh?

So we got everything done in time for Chicago, though I was literally working until 2 hours before our flight left... Hell I was burning DVD's at the booth.

There was much drama on the first day. When Andrea and I arrived there was NO booth for us, that is to say that we were supposed to have booth 2039, but no such booth existed. A quick check of the program revealed that "MaverikAnim" The name that all four of us (Matt H. Matt S. Andrea P. And Steve S.) were going by was located in booth 1237. So we find booth 1237 and it's occupied by "Cool Customs" or some shit. We locate a harried Wizard world employee and he manages to find us an empty corner booth. We requisition the table and chairs, then we steal 2 more (They were supposed to be $15 each, screw that.) and Maverik anim is good to go. EXCEPT that both Matt's are MIA. This sucks cause they're missing the show, and also Matt S is the only one who knows where we're staying. So until 5 minutes before the show closes Andrea and Steve figure that they'll be sleeping on the streets, until we see the Matt's making their way across the show floor.


So af far as production goes, the last 10 episodes are in production as we speak. And we're hoping for a backlog of six or more episodes for the premier in November.

There'll be a meatier post some time next week I wager.