Thursday, February 22, 2007

Satan wears a dicky.

Guess what folks?
Episode 2 if finally on the air... on the net... in the net?

We managed to find a little time in our schedule to upload the movie, play around with the html thingy's and prime the warp core. So go...


This episode sees the start of our meteoric decline into offensive humor. It's going to get worse before it gets better kids, so strap in.

As always, if you like the show please drop me a line.

And please do tell your friends. The more feedback we receive (Good and bad.) the more likely, and quickly, it is there'll be new episodes.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Valentines update.

Hey kids.
Quick update time, there's been a pause in the production of episode 3. I'm taking part in Ani-boom's "Animation Eye-doll" contest.

I was originally going to do a 60 second piece, but because the longer you take to upload the movie the fewer votes you get I'm probably only going to do a 30 second piece.

Here's who I'll be animating.
It's a parody contest or whatever, so it's a beatnik girl to sing a song called "Beatnik" which is a parody of a Brittany spears song "Toxic" or something. I'll throw a couple of gags in I'm sure, but it's more or less going to be a pretty girl shaking her bum at the camera.

As far as animation goes, it's a little more in depth than the stuff I'm doing on "The Show of Job". The character is broken up a hell of a lot more, and I almost make an entire new model for every major new pose, tough and time consuming, but the second or so I have completed thus-far looks hawt.

Hopefully I'll be done this in the next week or so, (I plan on living off of four hours sleep until it's done.) and then I'll get back on the Micro-series wagon. Matt and Mike dropped by a couple of days ago and we banged out a pretty rounded and funny script for episode 4. And Matt was a champ and did some voice re-takes for me, So I'm itching to get onto those.

Matt S. Is talking about Chicago again, This scares the crap out of me. It's been half a year and episode three ain't done yet! Well, if anything gets my ass into gear it's a con. I love having rock solid deadlines that I can't do anything about, puts a match under my butt.

Hmm... Two rear-end references in one post, an omen of things to come? Lets just say that episode 4 is butt-centric.