Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh dear Oh dear....

Well it's almost time... it's almost one year since I finished two episodes of The Show of Job in two months, what a pace.

Well what have I been doing since then? where the heck is episode 3?

Well, stuff like this keeps happening: I keep comming across stuff like this on the net, be it new digital channels or contests or whatever. I get interested, I get involved and then I have to put EVERYTHING else aside and meet the deadline for these random happenings. looks pretty cool, I respect these cat's from their print on demand service. Shane Glines has a great book out through them called 'S Curves' check it out:

So I did this thing, it's a presidential campaign ad.

Now that that's off my Back I'll get back to editing the final cut of episode 3.

Pinky swear.