Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cold Hard Flash.

Wow, http://www.coldhardflash.com/ which is pretty much my goto blog for web animation news put a post up on their main page about "The Show of Job", which is way way awesome of them.

So in case someone links here from the CHF I figured I'd do an update. Episode 3 status: Still where it was at the last check, 99% done, needs some touch ups and audio re-records. However we're sitting on episode 3 for the moment. Episode 4 is well under way, the plan is to get both episodes finished so that we can have a new release in January and February. Then while those two months are taken care of we can motor through episode 5 and have it posted for mid March, or early April.

Darren Bird, who you may recall is our musical director, has taken on co-animation and some design work, this has allowed us to charge ahead and actually get stuff accomplished. Pretty much the whole crew here at 'Upon Animation' is working full time in THE REAL WORLD, which sadly leaves little time for Job, Rach, Mel and the rest of the gang.

Here's some random episode 4 art to prove how totally not dead this project is!