Thursday, January 24, 2008

Toon Boom and the UA podcast.

So anyone who's read the blog knows that I'm a fan of the Toon Boom family of software. Currently the best digital animation software to be had IMHO.

My rampant fanaticism has resulted in them making me their first user story for 2008, a very nice birthday present indeed.
Check out the article here:

I come off pretty harsh on flash, I must have been having a bad day or something when I did the interview. I'm seriously not like, gunning for the overthrow of flash. It's an amazing piece of software that runs circles around Toon Boom in area's like application development or website production, I just hate seeing people blindly tied to it as an animation platform.

We've been recording a podcast the last few weeks at our production meetings. There's no real form or anything to them yet, once we've got a grip of them under our belt I'll start to dish them out on the site.


Oh the site! still not updated you say? Well Andrea, our webmiester general, has gotten a little upset at the fact that We've been featured on CHF and now as a TB User of the month, and the site is still under construction. So MAYBE just maybe early February will see a more robust webpage.
Andy Naught