Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New process.

So a new process? Sort of, well sort of... For me at least. There's all kinds of steps that your supposed to take when your creating an animated series. But with "The Show of Job" I'm really more interested in getting things done and online.

I really enjoy the whole pre-production process. And I'm slowly adding bits and pieces of it to my own production. For example. The top image is a layout for a scene with Job and Rachel.

I sketched it on top of one of an already completed background to test out some sitting poses, and work out what new pieces I'd have to make. (no real sitting has gone on in the series yet.) When It was finished and I took a look at the scene I could see a major improvement over the usual "Straight ahead" approach I've taken with this series.

This is super super basic stuff. Anyone in animation who's reading this right now is going: "Well Duuuuhhhhhh." And yeah, fair enough. I see this process at work all the time and obviously their productions blow mine out of the water. But they also have time, manpower and oh.. A budget.

I'm still going to be skipping a lot of steps during the production of this first series. The longer I take before doing actual animation increases the window where I get bored and shelve the project. But I'm glad to see elements like this start to trickle in, in an unobtrusive manner.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This websites gonna get me paid and laid.

Just a quick little update to let everyone know that uponanimation.com just made $0.14.

I'll give you all a minute to digest that.

Seriously though, it's pretty cool. I threw the Google Ad's up there just to take up some space instead of having a fairly ugly placeholder. But lo-and behold, some soul took the time and effort to click on an ad and pay me with someone else's money.

I'm pretty sure that "Pay me with someone else's money." is going to be the corner stone of Upon animation's marketing blitz, It kind of rolls off the tongue.

Regardless, bagels feature prominatly in episode 3.

Episode 2 will be airing the first week of February.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Two reports in such a short span? Thing's must be picking up.

I can assure you that we'll be quite safe here, inside this fully operational web-page.

Yessir Andrea has delivered on her promise and we've got this show on the road. There's a few things to check out on the site, namely the first episode and a synopsis of episode 2. And a link to this here production blog.

I gotta tell ya, I'm pretty stoaked. Right now I'm working on some stuff from my Day-animation-job. And it's killing me to not be working on Episode three of "The show of Job." I didn't realize that the scene I just finished is the second longest one in the episode. Once I figured that out it gave me a little hope.

Episode three is turning out to be a monster. I may have to cut and slice some gags to get it down to size. I know that "5 minutes" is totally arbitrary but I've got to set boundaries and keep to them (roughly) or else this thing is going to spiral out of control.


Friday, January 05, 2007

Quick update

I really REALLY have to start posting more.

Website status: Pretty Frakin' awesome.

Andrea is officially blowing me out of the water when it comes to computer stuff. She's doing things with "DIV Containers"? Java script and what not. She's Ironing out the bugs as we speak and the site is looking good to launch on Monday.

I hate updating without a pic of some sort. So here's Job's drink of choice: "Baggermister" liquid panty remover. (Not that it's ever helped Job.)

I put the opening/end credits on the two finished episodes. Re-watching them again is pretty damn painful. I can see all the mistakes and errors most of which I'm sure will get overlooked by the audience in general. I have to remember that this is all a learning process. And force myself to not go back and fix all the little mistakes.

If I did that the show would never air, and I figure it'll be nice to look back on the first few episodes when it's all said and done and feel good about how far we've come.

Heck I feel that way about episode 3 and we're only 2 scene's in. The jump in maturity (Filmmaking wise, not content wise.) is obvious from ep01 to ep02. And strikingly apparent with episode 03. Which calms me some considering the friggin hoops I've had to jump through for number 3.

It's been 5 months since the Chicago con but things are finally rolling along on their own momentum again.

Hope to see everyone at the new webpage next week!