Saturday, November 29, 2008

Failure to launch.

Anyone who's done a little freelance is used to having jobs fizzle up and dissapear. It happens for a number of reasons. An agreement for money/content cannot be reached, artistic differences between the parties and sometimes for mysterious unknown reasons the job will simply vanis *poof* like Kaiser Soze.

I'm used to it, I don't get bent out of shape or upset. The only reason I'm bringing this up is because a job which seemed like it would be honestly FUN to work on pulled the vanishing act. And I'm a little sad that I wont get to follow through with all the idea's that bubbled up while planning the project.

Anyway, here's a page of sketches I did while brainstorming.


Brian Evinou said...

Dude, that blows! These designs are sweet butts too man. Stock it for reuse in the future brutha. Or maybe next years 24HCC.

Brian Evinou said...
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Ben Reynolds said...

too bad man..I hate when that happens too. Great designs tho man, it was looking good!